Down to Roots Arbor Services  LLC is your best resource for local firewood.  We properly utilize the trees from our jobs year round.  We begin processing our firewood within a week of the logs and tree trimmings coming onto the property.  Some of the different woods we offer for firewood are oak, hickory, cotton wood,

and birch.

We sell firewood by the rick, ½ rick, or ¼ rick.  A full rick from Down to Roots Arbor Services measures 8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 16-18 inches deep.  Our firewood is insect free and can be delivered within one week depending on current supply

and weather.

Over the course of a year we deliver & stack firewood to a variety of places including homes, apartments, camp grounds, and picnic areas.  We have the capacity to haul 4 ricks per load.

We look forward to being your preferred firewood supplier!

Skid Steer Firewood.jpeg

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